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Industry Referrals:

With a lifetime of experience in acting and over a decade of work as a top level agent, Emily is uniquely qualified to work with young actors from their point of view. She has walked a mile in their shoes!!
--Tess Harper
Academy Award nominated Film & TV Actress
Emily has watched so many young actors blossum into their abilities, and has shepherded so many careers along the way. I can't imagine finding a better experienced or more determined resource.
--Marissa Jaret Winokur
Tony Award winning Broadway, Film & TV Actress
If you are reading this your career couldn't be in better hands. Not only does Emily respect your dreams, but her teaching and coaching is grounded in the realities of the marketplace. There is no one that comes better equipped, with both her success as a young actor and career as a formidable talent agent deepening her resources. Together with her ability to create a safe place for students to learn and grow… the combination is simply unbeatable.
--Claudette Sutherland
Broadway Actress, Hollywood based Creative Writing Instructor
As an actor and producer in the world of Hollywood entertainment, I know two things for sure:
1) Every actor must constantly and consistently work on their craft in order to better & further their career. The greatest way to do this is to study study study under great and amazing teachers who can empower, inspire, guide and challenge an actor to make them the greatest artist they can possibly be!
2) Emily Hope Webster is one of my favorite of said teachers!
I spent 10 years of my career as an actor in hollywood under Emily's guidance as an agent and friend, and can honestly say she brings a positively perfect approach to the craft & career of acting!
I am, and always will be, a huge fan.
--TJ Thyne
Film & TV Actor and Producer
A rare and brilliant resource for anyone desiring to grow in the acting profession, Emily not only has the experience and chops of a successful child television star, she also spent years as one of the top commerical agents in the country. She knows every aspect of the acting business, and continues to be an unparalleled mentor -- coaching, strategizing, and keenly consulting in all angles, both personal and professional. Emily's ability to read a person, and immediately know his or her strengths, and how to develop them, make her a wildly successful resource for any young adult seeking acting training. There is no one, I mean NO ONE in Hollywood with the same gorgeously savvy, intelligent and perceptive abilities.
--Darby Stanchfield
Film & TV Actress
Simply put, SHE IS THE BEST!
--Ross Lacy
Ross Lacy Casting, Los Angeles
I have had the pleasure of working with Emily in the entertainment industry for the past 12 years. Her grace, confidence, extraordinary knowledge and professionalism leave a mark on you that will last a lifetime. She is a magnet, a leader, someone who is there for you come rain or come shine. Emily will make you want to absorb her knowledge, strength and wisdom like a sponge. You won't want to miss this opportunity!
--Ingrid Franz Moriarty
Casting Director, Film Producer, Hollywood based photographer


A thirty-year veteran of the entertainment world, Emily Webster found her earliest success in front of the camera. As a child actress she appeared in over 200 commercials before being cast in the early FOX hit Small Wonder. A five year run on that series catapulted her career: leading to two Youth in Film Awards, five nominations, mulitiple guest appearances, starring roles in such films as Troop Beverly Hills and Caddie Woodlawn and the Emmy award winning series Christy. She also worked on the New York City stage at such esteemed houses as the WPA and with John Guare at Lincoln Center.

Retired from the trade at the grand age of 17, Emily decided to shift her focus to the other side of the camera. After attending Bennington College in Vermont and the American Musical Dramatic Academy in NY, she took her first assistant position at Cunningham, Escott, Dipini and then carried over to Schiffman, Ekman, Morrison and Mann in New York City. Upon returning to Los Angeles Emily worked for Abrams Artists before establishing her own department at Acme Talent & Literary. Fifteen years later she transitioned her highly respected division to TalentWorks LA. Her managerial approach to agenting found her coaching, directing and guiding her clients to achieve impressive success.

In Los Angeles she has taught for Beverly Hills High School's Drama Department, The Academy of Arts and Sciences, TVI Actors Studio, In The Act, and The Actor's Network to name just a few. She currently teaches at the Hartford Children's Theatre, the Performing Arts Center of Connecticut in Trumbull, the OddFellows Playhouse in Middletown, and CT Kids on Stage in Killingsworth. After moving her family to the Connecticut Shoreline she is happy to now commit her professional energies toward what she loves the most: educating and working with actors of all ages.


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