The Writer’s Wheel

by ivanhope - November 15th, 2008.
Filed under: Poesie.

to match the voice as heard in memory
align two minds that share the craft of self
define the moment held ‘tween him and me
the man I am made distant from past wealth
a pauper now with alms held out in shame
scraps of word stretched above an alley fire
bullion based thoughts bubble despite no claim
dead kindling dreams crackle beneath the pyre
hands clutched within my fading wrap of cloth
brittle the bones that once had mastery
shrunken this breath barely retains a cough
if legs gave out I would not trust my knee
and so descends my split self into fear
each time I take the writer’s wheel to steer


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  1. bullion based thoughts. . wonderful. . .but perhaps your most ironic of pieces to date. as you share your feelings of writer impotence, you display a rock hard mastery of the craft. . .

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