A Letter from Your Hungry Heart

by ivanhope - March 21st, 2009.
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Gothic Romance and Greek, by RP Gesus
[Gothic Romance and Greek, by RP Gesus, 2009]

My Dearest Love,

May this letter find you happy, healthy and, most importantly, safe. You must have a thousand worthy questions in the wake of my abrupt departure yesterday evening. First, let me say that you should not be concerned for me. I am all right. However drastic my precautions might seem to you, they are even more warranted. I sincerely wish we had gotten the chance to share that final dance. Such, it would seem, is not our fate.

As for my unexpected shift in temperament, I apologize. It is with abject shame that I recall how poorly I treated your family and friends. I cannot, will not, ask them to forgive me. Even if they were willing, I would remain undeserving. I might just as well ask you to understand what is going on inside of me. But this prison I wear like a morning robe is alive with thoughts and feelings I would wish on no one, least of all those tender thoughts that have for so long proven my salve.

If your curiosity, nay your unfaltering faith in my undeserving character, presses too firmly upon your conscience, it is your uncle Helsing that might offer you some small answer. It was, after all, he that first diagnosed my condition. The doctors have assured me he will recover with time, and be able to speak again. Until then, know that all I have done thus far, however barbaric it might seem in the wash of daylight, has been, within the shadow of the moment, executed for your protection. Even now, this final dreadful decision is made with your ultimate well being my only concern.

We shall not see each other again. Not within formal society, nor private function. Your hand cannot again touch my neck, and my eyes will spend their remaining years seeking your features in vain. This is my binding, unavoidable pledge to you. I could tell you of the hunger within me; the insatiable wounds that draw me to you. The uncontrollable urges that must be locked away. Such confessions could never help you to appreciate the depth of my love for you. Only in severing our ties, in protecting you from this thing that is inside of me, can I hope, one day, to convince you of my true affections. It is in my absence, within my damning exile from your paradise, that I will offer you the highest form of my love.

I have done everything in my power to assure these barriers between us cannot be breached. If I fail, I shudder to even consider the possibility, but if my strength proves unworthy the task, you must promise me one thing. If you see my face again, whether in the blur of a crowd or the focus of an empty room, you must not hesitate. Run from me, my dear. Run from me as fast and hard as I now run from you.

With unchecked devotion,

Your hungry heart


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