The Lady and the Wolf

by ivanhope - November 18th, 2009.
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Dunham Massey by Christophe Furlong
[Dunham Massey, by Christopher Furlong, 2009]

There was a bug. A lady bug. She was the promise of life. She came in the time of flowers and first figs. She brought with her the dream of smiles and ruffled hair and laughter.

In the winter she was not to be found.

There was a wolf. A rabid wolf. He was the harbinger of death. He came in the coldest, darkest times. He fed upon the fear of each day’s change, and broken things, and words that were spit at the night.

By the coming of spring he had all but eaten himself.

It was a late frost the first and only time they met. Savage and silent, having slunk through the barren trees, he approached her within the long reach of his shadow. The lady was slowed by the cold, and clinging to the first brittle shoot of the season.

“I am hungry,” said the wolf, “and you have broken our arrangement. Why should I not snatch you up and lock you away in my belly?”

The lady was too weak to open her eyes. She nodded instead. “It is your right,” she agreed. “I am in trespass upon your last morn. If you wish to eat me, there is nothing to stop you.”

She clung to the slender blade of grass. He loped closer to her, frosting her back with his heavy breath.

“If I eat you now, this world will not bloom. If I devour your life, no life will remain to be chased in its proper season. This banquet you offer can only bring more hunger in time.”

“What you say is true,” the lady conceded.

“Then you have set me a trap, and I will not fall,” huffed the wolf and receded back into the shadows.

The morning sun rose higher and the night’s chill melted away. The first fruits were soon to take life again. When she had warmed, the lady bug flitted free of the shoot and rode away on the wind.

They never met again, the lady and the wolf. The wolf made sure of that.


2 Responses to The Lady and the Wolf

  1. Love this story! Love your blog! You are a lovely writer!

    I launched my own blog a couple of week’s ago… and so the journey begins.

    Thank you for sharing your gifted writing with us!

    Warm regards,

    (One of Emily’s former clients.)

  2. Dear Derek,
    Your ability to craft a vignette with the masterful strokes of each phrase, the colors of each well-chosen word reminds me of a young man’s work I have seen through the years. He has been an extra-ordinary craftsman of written scenic stories since his adolescence. Nate Cloyd started his college work in Writing, received his associates degree after many years of work, single fathering and academia. His love of writing was tempered by need for a “practical career” as he continued on to receive his Summa Cum Laude Bachelor’s (BAIL they call it) from Northern Arizona U. This January he looks for a position. And I know he is, through it all, a brilliant writing craftsman much like yourself. go to to communicate with a kindred spirit, I think.

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