Daily Science Fiction – “Good Taste”

by ivanhope - January 22nd, 2012.
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Black Hole Sun by AJ Dimarucot
[Black Hole Sun by AJ Dimarucot, 2008]

I couldn’t have been more excited to see Good Taste picked up by Daily Science Fiction.




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  1. Brilliant story!

  2. Wonderful story, Derek!

    I really enjoyed it, and just wanted you to know. 🙂

  3. I read this story when it first showed up in my email, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Often, I find such short fiction enjoyable but forgettable. But for some reason, the climax to “Good Taste” stayed in my head throughout the year. The imagery of it, I think — especially that slow-motion moment when Baneford is back and the monk reacts, being able to picture the wealth and atmosphere of the room compared to what follows. (Trying to avoid spoilers, obviously).

    Just this morning I searched through my gmail archives so I could easily find your story for future rereading. It’s only the second DSF story I’ve ever starred for rereading. You clearly did something right to make me go digging it up again after 11 months. Thanks for the great story!

  4. Many thanks for the very kind words. “Good Taste” has lingered with me as well, and it’s rewarding to hear it was enjoyed by others. Really, a writer can’t ask for any better motivation/permission to return to the blank page.


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