Writing Credits

Eye of Silence by Max Ernst
[Eye of Silence by Max Ernst, 1944]

Below, please find the (hopefully) ever growing list of
Derek Ivan Webster‘s publications:

The Berenstein Conspiracy
Existential speculation meets parental crisis. Liars’ League NYC took this up for an amazing dramatic reading. Just don’t go back looking for that copy of Spooky Old Tree.

Lili of the Valley of the Shadow
This slightly funny, still painful, brush with pubescent angst was picked up by our friends at Liars’ League for their fantastic treatment as a dramatic reading. They did a superb job with this one. Be forewarned: the material is a bit PG-13, so avoid playing the video in polite company…

Good Taste
Star-eating, galactic injustice and the interstellar backwaters brought to a dangerous boil. Made possible by Daily Science Fiction.

Alpha Git
A fun bit of playground flash, picked up by fashion and culture magazine .Cent.

Content Management
I’ve been a fan of the Liars’ League and their live performance format for years. This study on the trouble with memory compression finally made it into the fold.

Thicker Than Flan
An off-beat look at the hereditary inspiration behind a very dedicated crafts shop. Structo Magazine was kind enough to be charmed. Find the Flan in issue #6.

52|250 A Year of Flash
A series of flash pieces picked up by the 52|250 project:
Birdhouse. The cyclical nature of regret.
Rash Decision. The gap that parenthood and matrimony are occasionally asked to span.
Ma Deuce. Friendship explored one round at a time.
The Watchers. Generational scintillation studied for its hope.
Coniferous. A dash of Victorian pensiveness digested in season.
Mummery. A slightly morose bit of farewell.

Flight of the Arch
My science-fiction homage to all things cosmological. Another story shined up through the subtle suggestion of the Bards & Sages Quarterly editors.

Raymond Too
Something about alternate realities and pocket universes has always got my brain bubbling. This was the result of one such bubbling over. The good people at Bewildering Stories crossed their eyes and played along.
Originally published, with a slightly darker ending, as Doppleganger by The Cynic Magazine.

The Lesser Face
My stab at proto-Celtic fantasy. It was actually inspired by a trip to Newgrange my wife and I shared over an amazing writer’s retreat in Ireland (care of the equally amazing Claudette Sutherland). Another assist by the canny editorial staff at Bards & Sages Quarterly.

The Last Longbox
Anyone that knows my work knows I don’t tend too heavily in the autobiographical direction. Take a few blurry memories of a good childhood friend, mix in a great big clump of my lifelong infatuation with comic books, and add the final splash of adulthood assumed: you get this gentle slice of introspection. It was graciously picked up by the good folks at The Oddville Press.

A little sad, a little hopeful, this one began life as response to the searching prompt: “missing pieces”. I like how it turned out. Long Story Short agreed.
Not long thereafter, The Shine Journal offered to pick this up as a reprint.

By an Old Oak Tree
While tooling about the deep and rich waterway that contains the Merlin Myth, I came up with this dreamy little back-story. You might consider it a long removed prelude to the Merlin Prophecies. The fantastic fantasy minds at The Sorcerous Signal (defunct) picked it up.

The Fob
The theme offered by Colored Chalk (defunct) was as engaging as it was enigmatic: “broken clocks”. A fractured fever-dream, likely informed by my Doctor Who replica fob watch, did most of the heavy lifting. Published as part of their Broken Clocks installment.

This one started out as a reflection on what form menial labour might take in the none-too-distant future. It ended up landing solidly on the relationship between a man and a space rock. Go figure. My thanks to Static Movement (defunct) for taking up the sci-fi challenge.

The Totem
A fun little piece I wrote for a monthly contest at Cool Stuff 4 Writers (defunct). It slipped in there and somehow came away with the prize. Enjoy!

Something Between the Teeth
Part of May December Publication‘s Chivalry is Dead anthology (defunct). Blood and brains zombie chomping at its finest…

The Binder
A touch of throwback horror here: dangerous meeting on a train, hidden secrets within a leather binding. This whisp of willow earned another publication within The Absent Willow Review (defunct).

A Bridge to Nowhere
A pleasantly odd sci-fi character study, kindly picked up by The Absent Willow Review (defunct). I’ll blame this story, at least partially, on my tendency to superimpose daydreams over Scientific American articles clearly outside my range.

Tidal Shift
Another glimpse into the unbounded weirdness that comes from spending too much time in a commercial fishing skiff. Brought to you by the indulgent folks at Absent Willow Review (defunct).

Having grown up in a remote Alaskan fishing village, I am often asked why I don’t write more material detailing my unique perspective on the rural Alaskan fishing experience. To such query I can now submit this tale of myth, mood, and mud. As always, be careful what you ask for… The fantastically deranged minds at The Monsters Next Door (defunct) found a fitting home for this highly fictionalized account of my late summer world.

Virtuous and Weary
This one runs a little rough. Though not for the squeamish, I like to think the payoff is worth the trip. Inspired, if only in tone, by a few of my own creepy late night walks across the New Haven Green… Sonar 4 (defunct) proved itself anything but dainty.

The Merlin Prophecies
My first published graphic novel. Co-written with industry legend J.M. DeMatteis, this book was lucky enough to be released in an exclusive preview edition for the 2009 New York Comicon. Not available online yet, but you can order a hard-copy here: buy one!

A reimagining of E. T. A. Hoffman’s classic Nutcracker fairy-tale, with a little more depth and a smidgen of modern flair. Co-written, as a feature script, with the talented Mitchell Rose, it’s not a publication per se, but the project did garner a good deal of studio consideration as well as some small acclaim: twice a Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist, in 2006 & 2007, and a Slamdance Semi-Finalist.

Reading to Your Kids
Part of a series of educational articles I originally wrote for Suite101.com, this one was republished by Littlerheroes.com.

Screentalk Magazine
One of the best things to come out of my years spent at Acme Talent & Literary (though a distant second to the meeting of my beautiful wife) was my friendship with Mickey Freiberg. A phenomenally experienced and talented Literary Agent, when Mickey was asked to favor an industry journal with a monthly column he turned to his energetic young assistant for help. Thus was born the recurring column, “The Cowboy Way”.

Early Comic Book Work
My good friend Luke Donkersloot and I, once upon a time put together an independent comic to be called The 7th Wave. Though the book never made it to print, I do like how the website turned out. You can also peruse some of the finished pages here.

Ivanhope Story Consultations
I suppose it is worth mentioning that I have spent the greater part of the last decade helping other writers to hone their skills and polish their own work. For industry referrals, make sure to check out the Story page.