The Webster Family

Emily Hope Webster

Emily Hope WebsterMy best friend, confidant, raison detre and muse. A former talent agent, incredible mommy of four and unprecedented paragon of working-motherhood, Emily (donít tell her I told you) was once and long ago a child actress. We met and fell in love over our many late hours shared at Acme Talent & Literary.

Now, years later, her love remains the tonic that keeps me sane. Wedged as we are between our busy schedules, a great portion of our limited time together is spent trying to figure out how to spend more time together.

Lasarina Hope Webster

Lasarina Hope WebsterLasarina (Irish gaelic for fire of wine ). Our eldest daughter inherited the very best and most dangerous traits of her red-headed, hot tempered, passionately minded parents. She is the embodiment of the girl with the curl. When she is good she is very, very good. When she is bad…

She taught herself to read when she was three, moves from one pop-sensation boy crush to the next (Zac Efron from High School Musical has lasted the longest), has a truly awe-inspiring imagination (look out world, once her penmanship improves), and has watched every episode of Lost, peppering in her own existential theories along the way (I think the universe where Sawyer and Juliet are together must be the real universe).

The tallest in her class and the possesor of a true amazon spirit, she is destined for sporting renown… just as soon as she slows down enough to actually tie her shoes. In sum, she is an incredible spark of life that occasionally proves too hot to hold onto. And we love her for every last bit of it.

Maev Joy Webster

Maev Joy WebsterOur second little gift from God.  Maev (Irish gaelic for she who intoxicates) is quite simply the most concentrated focus of joy this world has ever seen fit to accumulate. She loves story time and riding the goodnight train. Thus far her primary purpose in life has been to make otherwise wary adults smile and coo with affection. She is a melter of hearts, exuding unabashed cuteness at such high concentrations that it is nigh impossible to stay mad at her or scold her with any conviction.

These attributes well might prove dangerous as she grows older and begins to appreciate her own powers. Until that unfortunate day, she will remain a creature of unadulterated love. She is truly a gift, and a generous one at that.

Colm Ivan Webster

Colm Ivan Webster Colm (from Colmcille, pronounced cul-um-kill - dove of the church) is our dimple faced little big man. Some have called him cute. I prefer to say roundly rugged. An impressive case of sausage fingers only adds to his growing machismo.

Let's just not talk about the potty training.

Thus far he is most happy with an overfull belly, charging head first into the unknown with only a smile and serene confidence in his own inertia. His sisters fawn over him, with good reason. He is our third baby and our first boy.

God is good.

Lochlan Troy Webster

Lochlan Troy WebsterLochlan (gaelic for from the lakes, and originally used to describe the Vikings) is our baby boy. He is fiercely protected by momma lion, quick to laugh, and by all accounts fast growing accustomed to the charmed life

Only time will tell how he reacts to the explosion of tackles and tea parties his siblings have carefully prepared for him. The bouncey little car at the end of long and crazy, love-filled train, I have a feeling he will do just fine.

Did I mention how good God is?

Derek Ivan Webster

Derek Ivan Webster A very lucky man.