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Industry Referrals:

Derek Webster has one of the most brilliant minds for story analysis that I've ever come across—his feedback has been of immeasurable value to me over the years—which is why I'm happy to endorse his services to anyone wishing to make their story better.
-- J.M. DeMatteis
author Abadazad, Brooklyn Dreams, Moonshadow
I have rarely met anyone with as instinctive an editorial hand as Derek Webster.  In over twenty years of content development for properties ranging from Barbie to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hot Wheels to X-Men, I have found his understanding of story, structure and character to be consistently beneficial to the improvement of my work.
--Fabian Nicieza
creator X-Force, Turok, The Blackburne Covenant
Derek has an impressive and intuitive sense for story.  Even more, he has the uncanny knack for helping others find their own story.  In my experience, throughout the industry, his combination of insight and articulation is an elusive commodity.  It would be hard to overstate the value of these services.
--Carlo Carlei
writer/director The Flight of the Innocent, Fluke
Starlight Runner Entertainment has benefited greatly from Derek Webster’s remarkable story analysis skills for several years now.  We develop intellectual properties for simultaneous launch across multiple media platforms, and maintaining the integrity of our stories, characters and themes is incredibly important.  Derek has helped us capture the essence of our intellectual properties, structuring them to withstand the rigors of various media incarnations. He possesses an innate understanding of fictional worlds and universes, and knows how to help us shape dramatic stories out of them that can also validate and celebrate the participation of our audience.  Few people know how to do this, and that makes Derek special to us.
--Jeff Gomez
CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment


Derek graduated, with honors, from Yale University's film program, where he focused his study on the narrative elements shared between film and literature.

Within the industry, he spent time acquiring first hand film experience with Open Road Productions before taking a job at Acme Talent & Literary.  There he was mentored by the head of the literary division, and 30 year industry veteran, Mickey Freiberg.  Derek eventually established an in-house Story and Development Department within the agency and provided invaluable support for the development of represented properties.

Most recently he has opened a freelance consulting firm, making his story development skills available to both seasoned and beginning writers.  He enjoys working with other creative minds and helping good stories, dialogue and characters become even better...

That is, when he's not spending time with his lovely wife, Emily, watching their children, Lasarina, Maev & Colm grow up way too fast!


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