Derek Ivan Webster likes to write: literary fiction, genre speculation, poetry, critical essay. If it involves a story, he’s interested.

Some of his previous credits include:

Separation – LitroNY
A husband and father finds himself clinging to old traditions in the face of a new reality. This story was picked up as part of Litro’s #StorySunday series.

The Berenstein Conspiracy – Liars League NYC
Memory can be fluid, as useful for healing as for concealing. Don’t look too close unless you’re done with looking away.

Lili of the Valley of the Shadow – Liars League London
He was in love and she was so beautiful. How could something so right cast such a long shadow?

Good Taste – Daily Science Fiction
The earth and the moon have been left behind. Mankind’s appetite has reached far beyond its crumbling origin. What will it take to balance interplanetary inequality? What price could come from eating a sol?

Content Management – Liars League London
It was a special day, for them both. If he could only remember why. If she could only keep pretending. This story was also selected for the Saboteur Award winning anthology, Weird Lies, by Arachne Press.

Flash Fiction – 52|250 A Year of Flash
Six story flashes, ranging from chickadees to star-watchers to baby wipes.

Thicker than Flan – Structo Magazine
A tale of hereditary curiosity.

Raymond Too – Bewildering Stories
What would you really do with the chance to talk to yourself?

The Last Long Box – The Oddville Press
The more precious the memory, the greater the weight.

Flight of the Arch – Bards & Sages Quarterly
Space opera meets the beauty of cosmology.

The Lesser Face – Bards & Sages Quarterly
The darker the window, the more important the light.

Completion – Long Story Short
Some puzzles matter more than others.

The Cowboy Way – Screentalk Magazine
Two-years writing the bi-monthly entertainment advice column with the late, great Mickey Freiberg.